Past Testimonials & Reviews

Over the years various customers have been so pleased with the results of a particular product, they sent us their comments.  Below are a selection of past unsolicited comments from satisfied customers.

All our products will be included in my forthcoming book with their formulas and variations.  Straight forward clear instructions will be given on making the product, for your horse.

The purpose of the book is to save for the horse world, all the hard work put into creating the products.  It would be a crying shame if all the hard work and valuable knowledge was lost..


Absolutely brillant for soft swellings and bruising after work outs or racing. - Aileen Sloane Lee, Bally Duff Racing, Ireland.

Cango Liquid and Ointment

Suzanne, I am both impressed and amazed with Cango. The results are amazing as you can see from the photographs I have forwarded. My TB had 2 very large and some smaller sarcoids. The two larger ones are positioned under his belly and suffered badly from his kicking due to flies. Earlier this year both were bleeding and had a pus like substance flowing from them. They were horrible to look at and in size the larger one was more than 3 inches in size with the other a little smaller. The areas that were bleeding and oozing looked like a black cauliflower. My vet wanted to try and remove them but I didn't want my horse to go through another ordeal, he's suffered enough with illness and problems over his life time.

 After speaking to you I followed your advice in cleaning them and keeping flies away. You suggested Cango ointment and supplement which I have been using with really excellent results. The smaller sarcoids have gone and the two large ones under his belly have shrunk considerably with the smaller one almost gone and healed, the larger one is less than half it's original size and healing beautifully. I can't believe how quickly I began to see results, within two weeks changes were occurring and now it's hard to believe how bad they were originally.

Comparing photographs really shows what a difference Cango has made and is making. The supplement too has really supported his immune system and Forza looks so well, we've been joking that he looks good enough to race again. Seriously though I want to thank you for your advice and the excellent Cango product, it really does work.
Many thanks  - Angela Brown from Portugal


He had another blood test last week, one of the counts is down to normal and the other is much better though not yet right. I have nearly a full bottle of your Detox left, so shall I give it to him in late spring? In case he eats whatever he ate last year, as I have no idea what it was. I feel his improvement is due to your Detox and cannot thank you enough. - Annette Dancer.

In our reply, we recommended using up the 2nd bottle of Detox. A couple of weeks later came this good news

"Just thought I'd let you know that his last blood tests were perfect so I have no need to give him any more medicine at the time, the vet couldn't believe it!" - Annette Dancer, France.


An amazing product that puts life back into old horses. Gypsy our 28 year old Connemara gelding has been on Endocush daily for over 10 years. After the vet diagnosed Cushings syndrome I tried Pergolide, found it very expensive, no improvement. Then contacted the Equine Herbalist and started Gypsy on Endocush. The change was amazing - his coat moulted, no more laminitis and no longer tired. My grandchildren were delighted with Gypsy their new pony - Peter Cohen, Epsom, Surrey.


 I started using Frazzled in Nov 2013 after talking to Suzanne. I had tried a couple of off the shelf products, which hadn't helped my horse. He had become nervous, sensitive and with it awkward to handle and ride. I feel that Frazzled has help him cope, recover and move forward with his training. There was a change in him about 4 days after starting using Frazzled, he began to be able to listen a bit better and not overreact quite so much, without being sedated as there is no Valerian in this product. I am still using Frazzled and will continue to do so while he progresses with his training.

I feel that Frazzled has helped him to accept and recover from the changes in his world which come from going on hacks, shows, changes in routine by feeding his nervous system. I feel comfortable using the product knowing that it is well made, there is only what it says on the bottle in it with no hidden extras and it is safe for long term use, as training and learning do not happen over night. I also know I can call Suzanne and ask for help if I need it when using this or any of her other products. So if you have a sensitive soul as your hairy partner, this product may be of benefit to you.
Claire - Somerset


"Having previously been a fan of Zilchverm, I approached Suzanne looking for more of a general mineral supplement for my 2yo thoroughbred as she was living out and not getting big feeds yet. I was recommended Haemobone. After around 10 days, I started to notice a difference in my filly with her coat becoming nice and shiny. After the third week she was gleaming, eyes bright and looked a picture of health.

She licks the bowel clean with the Haemobone in her feed and I am absolutely convinced this product has done her the world of good. I would happily recommend this product to anyone who wants their horses to be healthy from the inside out "  - Claire MacKay, Newmarket


We are very pleased with the results of using the "HEADSHAKER" herbal solution.
Thank you - David Tunbridge, Norfolk.

Can you please let me know when you despatch my order for Headshaker. I have ordered Headshaker for two years now and must say it is the only head

shaking supplement I have tried that actually works. A lot of them say their product works but they don't work. - Emma Bailey, Southampton.

Heaving Horse

I recently tried your "Heaving Horse" product on my mare who has a dust allergy. As we had good results with this I would like to order more bottles ........ Rachel Gucchi, Isle of Man.

Lamingard (formerly Hot Hoof)

I got the Hot Hoof (now Lamingard) after an over zealous farrier caused problems with my horse's front feet just a few weeks before his first 3 day event. He was in danger of stress induced laminitis and his hooves were very hot. I gave him Hot Hoof and he went better than he ever has, which is why I re-ordered. However I have an older rheumaticky horse and was wondering if he would benefit from Creaky Joints. - Fiona Laing, Edinburgh.


"I must say am very pleased with the results, having used two bottles over the summer, I took a break to see if there was a difference and the next season has been quite an ordeal, so that's why she is back on it. I have enough confidence in Regumare to recommend it to friends. The mare concerned is a four year old American Quarter horse". - Richard Waslin, Oxfordshire.


"I am writing to say how very pleased I am with the results I have had with the product Regumare.  I have a young Spanish mare who, as she is maturing, is showing quite an attitude at the time of her season. She was not listening or concentrating on her work and was quite a handful to ride at this time. I phoned Suzanne who is very generous with her time and advice, and extremely knowledgeable on her subject, and she advised that Regumare was the product I needed. I have given it to my mare and the results were extremely quick. I have a very relaxed girl who is much better in herself and her attitude. Thank you so much for your help and your wonderful products."

Lynne Saunders, Twyford, Bucks.

Rotund Pony

"Your herbal preparation Rotund Pony has enabled our Fell Pony gelding Josh to loose the pounds steadily".
"Yes, we have to accept this difficult transition for Josh. It is a slow, steady process but your herbs have assisted in a gentle way and Josh has really turned a corner".
"He has really emerged from an obese indifferent , lethargic and often fearful pre-laminitic pony (through past owner mismanagement and their lack of knowledge) to a wonderful wise Fell Pony, very capable, great enthusiam for work, moving freely. He has always been a real thinker, a very clever pony responding in a very enthusiastic way to mindful horsemanship with his rider Sophie age 13. We wanted to give him the opportunity, to come back to work in a good frame of mind before asking more of him".
"Using Rotund Pony together with a diet of good quality forage (lucerne) with high levels of digestible fibre low in sugar, some complimentary feeds with linseed and unmolassed beet pulp and traditional meadow haylage (using grasses allowed to mature before being cut), we are managing his diet and nutritional status, empowered with the information you have so readily given regarding worming with Zilchverm, at appropiate times during the seasons".
Jackie - Cumbria 2015


Tearful Eyes

"My horse has suffered with runny eyes, sometimes so severe that she has been unable to open them. Veterinary treatment was steroid drops which has obvious risks attached to it. I could not find any rhyme or reason to it, she wore a fly mask, even overnight, her eyes would be runny going out into the field but clear when she came in and vice versa. In desperation, I contacted The Equine Herbalist for advice and through discussion realised that the time of year was significant and related to nettle pollen in the atmosphere. 

For the second successful year, I have not had one day of runny, swollen or shut eyes, limited use of a fly mask and a very happy and content horse - free of pain and discomfort. I strongly suggest you try Tearful Eyes and hope you have the same success as I have had" - J.W. Yorkshire.


Some other good news, I used Zilchverm and got the worm count down from moderate 350epg to 0! No eggs at all seen in the sample. I've still got half of it left for next time. - Gemma Holmes, Hertfordshire