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Forthcoming Book

Over the years, since our start in Epsom, Waterloo Road in 1996, I have collected a wealth of knowledge and valuable information on making herbal products for horses that actually work.  Way back in 1996 there were a couple of feed merchants supplying dried herbs for horses, mainly mixes of forage herbs.  There were no tinctures (ACV, glycerite or alcohol) or products for specific health problems such as Cushings or Head Shaking.  There were no qualified herbalists supplying herbs.  There was not even a reference book on Herbs for Horses written by a qualified herbalist.

I started out by contacting The Royal Veterinary College - London and gaining access to their library.   I made numerous notes from veterinary books written  prior to 1940.  Many of my books were precious finds from secondhand book shops in Hay on Wye, Herefordshire.  Worldwide agricultural agencies were contacted for information, on plants poisonous to horses.

With all this information I started to put together my formulas.  The feed back from customers was invaluable.  Seeing a horse improve and get well was very rewarding.    I knew my products worked when chancers started copying them.

Today, there is a choice of supplements supplied by several companies, some by veterinary surgeons.  Back then, the veterinary world wasn't interested in natural medicine and scorned any veterinary selling such products.  How times have changed!!

Not Another Horse Herbal

My herbal reference book has been compiled from twenty years of working with herbs for horses.  Noting what horses like, what herbs work for horses and why they work, plants poisonous  for horses, forage needs, pasture management, correct doses, contra-indications for herbs when used with other products or allopathic medicines, and lots, lots more.   The Materia Medica contains over a hundred herbs carefully researched with appropiate references to trials and recognized herbal monographs.  This is an original work and not plagiarized from other herbals for humans or animals.

Purchasing The Book

The book will be available some time between April and June 2020.  For customers in the UK, the book can be purchased direct from this site.  We are not taking advance orders but will happily add your name and address to our mailing list.  For details go to the "Contact Us" page. 

For all other customers outside the UK, the book will be available through